Limo Hire Reading

Limo Hire Reading


Limo Hire Reading Avanti Limousines offers limo hire Reading services across Reading and its neighbouring areas of Berkshire. Avanti Limousines aims at becoming the best limousine hire company in Reading and we have taken rapid strides in achieving this revered goal. Our hard work and ability to satisfy our clients at all costs, this makes us so popular among the Reading dwellers. Our professionals are dedicated to make your special day free from any transportation related hurdles. Our Client requests are met with utmost attention by our customer service personnel; we never fail to meet the expectations of our clients in Reading Today. Hygiene and cleanliness are also our significant priorities set by us. Before letting a Executive Car for hire we make sure it is spotlessly clean from inside and outside at all times and fully valeted before any journey commences.

Also Our timeliness is a major advantage for our clients. We never keep our clients waiting. We have a track record of getting our customers to their desired location on time, whatever to be the situation of our roads and streets, we do this by allowing for extra time in case of traffic conditions we don’t foresee and we always plan ahead.

The chauffeurs we provide are professional, experienced and fluent in any conversation and some speak more than one language . They will guide you all the way in Reading Today, if there is a need. So far in our Reading business history there have been no instances of any Limo or car breakdowns, we maintain the limos in the best possible manner in our in house workshops.

We have been in this industry long enough to know the different needs of wedding day Limo Hire And Wedding Chauffeur Car Hire Reading including business meetings, Airport Transfers, to prom nights and travel time out, To meet these differing needs at Avanti Limousines we also take great pride in our work

Limo Hire Reading

We have a line of vehicles to meet each and every occasion you wish to hire our vehicles for.

The internet has grown so much over the years plenty of limousine hire operators have starting to run these businesses so due to competition this has reduced the cost of hiring a limousine, the gossip was you needed to be rich and famous to hire a limousine but not know which is very good news for the people for reading limo hire customers.

Limousine hire reading

you can know hire a limousine for as little as 25.00 pounds per head which is good value for executive transport and the best bit is you can have a sip of your favourite tipple and enjoy the scenery as our chauffeur drives you in style, make that elegant appearance and heads turn as you arrive at your reading limousine awards ceremony.

Limo Hire Reading

Reading, Berkshire is a vibrant town that hosts lively people who are always ready for events. The town offers very beautiful places where elegant occasions can be held. Stylish travel and arrival to such occasions is always important and can best be offered by limousine hire Reading.

Limo hire Reading comprises of a dedicated team of experts who are always ready to offer limo services. The way you get to your colourful event is important and that is why we are here. We have a large fleet of limousines that serves in this town. You can easily request our services for weddings, parties, corporate events, airport transfers and any other occasions that would require luxurious limo travels.

 The comfort and pleasure of using a limo for an event is always irresistible. Apart from this, there are many other reasons why you should never miss using a limo for your occasions. Some of these reasons are as follows.

Why use a limousine hire Reading

1. For a good impression

Creating a good impression in an event is always important. Your arrival should show how much dedicated to the occasion you have been. Giving your travel a taste of lavishness will show that you are doing well and even motivate you and everyone else around.

 2. Organised travel and arrival

Travelling to an occasion using a limousine helps you bring together all the dignitaries and travel as a group. The arrival therefore remains organised because you will all arrive at the same time. Such an organisation is important for your image in the event.

 3. Timely arrival

 The limo chauffeurs that are available have enough experience. They know and understand the nature of almost all the streets, and the traffic conditions that can be expected. This helps them plan well for a timely travel and arrival. Making arrangements therefore becomes easier. Pickups and drop offs ends up being done at the correct time.

 4. Joyful travels Reading

The stretches that are available at limo hire Reading are well equipped. Everything necessary for a lavish travel is always available. When travelling with our limos, you are always entertained in the best manner. Even when stuck in a traffic jam, you are left happy because the mood set is always right.

On celebrations and prominent social gatherings, you should not settle for anything less than the best. The way you travel to and from such events is important. Seek limousine services and receive the professional treatment that you deserve. At limousine hire Reading, we are always ready to make your travel unforgettable.

Why us

1. We are licensed Reading Based Company

We are always keen on adhering to the law because it is the one that protects everybody. Our company operates in accordance with the law and is fully licensed to serve you. We are insured and authorized by all the appropriate agencies.

2. The team is well trained

Our team is made up of well-trained experts who are certified to serve you. The chauffeurs that you get here are trained to attend to your needs with professionalism. You are always assured of receiving exceptional services from any of our team members.

3. Our vehicles are always in order

No breakdowns are ever expected from our vehicles. All the limousines are regularly serviced and inspected to ensure that they are fit for travel. They are also normally kept clean and ready to attend to your needs and are serviced and maintained in our in house workshop

4. We are always ready

Our whole team is dedicated to serve you. We are always ready and available at all times. The fleet is always set to hit the road immediately you call for a ride. You can reach us for all limo services even when the need is abrupt.

5. We have a variety of choices for you

 Our fleet is made up of varying limo models and designs that you can choose from. The limos are of varying capacities. This gives you many options to go with. At limo hire Reading, there will always be something for you no matter the uniqueness of your taste.

6. Our reputation is good

 Limousine hire Reading has been operating for a long period of time. This has given us enough experience to serve everyone in an exemplary manner. Our clients are always pleased by our services and most of them normally end up recommending us to their friends. We are a reputable team that is always dedicated to deliver the best to the customers.

Contact us with your needs and we will provide the best limos and car chauffeur services in Reading. We have made ‘errors’ an extinct phrase Please  email us on Telephone Freephone 08001357442.