Limo Hire Oxford

Limo Hire Oxford

Limo Hire Oxford AvantiLimousines has been the foremost limo service provider in Oxford for a number of years now. Our quality of services, finest line of limos, friendly staff and reliable Chauffeur and Limousine services at affordable prices are the reasons for this popularity of this company

At Avanti Limousines we understand the requirements of each client and meet all the demands for luxurious ground transportation. We have been committed to provide best options for the clients. When it comes to riding through the streets of Oxford nothing can match our services. We have the latest and most stylish limousines. Our team of chauffeurs takes great pride in their timeliness; we have never failed to meet the timeline provided by the clients. Limos available with us use the latest technologies to give a pleasurable journey.

If there are any special arrangements you want while you travel it will be done. Just express yourself when ordering. We want to do all we can to assure you have a memorable journey.

While appointing the chauffeurs we perform detailed checks. As a resultant you will have a courteous, experienced and highly professional chauffeur. While driving our chauffeur give priority to safe driving. Due privacy will be provided to our clients at all Times

Limo Hire Oxford

Not sure how to go about booking your oxford Limo Hire try start by asking your friends if they can recommend somebody to you or check out a few companies online in oxford today offering Limo Hire In Oxford at very competitive prices check out their reviews to help you choose a Good and reliable Oxford Limo Hire Company

Choosing the Best Company for Your Limo Hire in Oxford

There are several companies which offer Limo Hire and Wedding Car Hire in Oxford. But, not all of them can assure you quality services hence it is necessary for you to compare different service providers. For your big day to stand out, it is necessary for you to hire the best limo. There are different types of limos available; you can opt for one which can accommodate your specific needs. The level of maintenance carried out on the limos also varies. There are some companies which are known to provide the best wedding car services while others can make your big day face the challenges you just do not need.

Tips for you to locate the best wedding car hire company in oxford

Ask around before you get a limo from a given company

You can search online for limo service providers in oxford and you will end up with a long list of service providers. In order to ensure you are about to hire the right company, it is necessary top ask the opinion of other people who have ever been served before you. It is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will end up hiring a company which will expose you to inconveniences in your big day. Ask friends and family for recommendations so that you can make the right decision in your car hire services.

Check on the cost of the services

The different limo hire companies available will charge you at different rates. In order to operate within your budget or realize value for your money, it is necessary for you to compare the prices in different service providers so that you can make the right decision. When carrying out price comparison, it is necessary to take into consideration any hidden charges which may be applicable. It is necessary to avoid cases where you will hire a company which will expose you to a lot of hidden charges which you may have not planned for in your wedding car hire.

Ensure you work with friendly professionals

There are several things you need to organize so that your wedding can stand out. For example, you will be required to call and confirm the choice of the car. It is necessary to ensure you get your limo from a company which has good reputation in attending to customers in a professional manner. If you will like to book the car online, then it is necessary for you to ensure you consider a company which has a working website. There are several benefits you enjoy after you decide to book the services online. For example, if you decide to book the services online, you will avoid cases where you will have to travel long distances before you can book the services.

Highly experienced drivers

For you to enjoy your wedding limo, you should ensure you contact a company which has good track record in offering the best services. It is upon you to compare different service providers and ensure you are making the right decision. The quality of the cars also matters; always ensure you book the services in a company where you can access the right car for your wedding. Different weddings will require different cars depending on their themes. It is necessary for you to work with your wedding planner so that you can make the right decision in your wedding car hire. Try to book the cars in advance so that you can avoid cases where you will try to book the car only to discover it has been taken by another party.

Limo Hire Oxford and the Types of wedding cars available in this company

There are different types of cars you can have in your wedding. You can decide to go for a limo or opt for a different wedding car. In order to avoid stress, it is necessary for you to carry out your own research and know the best car you can hire before you get out to hire the car. The right company for you to contact for the car hire services should have all the cars ready for you to enjoy your wedding preparations. The interior condition of the car should be well maintained so that you can achieve the necessary comfort you need in a wedding set up.

We have available to Hire

Stretched Hummers 10 seats

Stretched Hummers 14/16 Seats

Lincoln Town Cars 8 Seats

Chrysler 300c 8 Seats

Mercedes S Class 4 seats

Bentley Arnage 4 Seats

Rolls Royce Phantom 4 Seats

Our prices of limo hire in Oxford are very competitive. We make sure that a single ride does not dent a hole in your budget.

Limousine Hire Oxford