Limo Hire Newbury

Limo Hire Newbury


Limo Hire Newbury The sole aim behind the establishment of Avanti Limousines was to provide quality limousine hires at economically viable prices within Newbury, London, Reading and other key regions in the UK.

We felt heartburns when clients recieved bad services after paying high prices to other limousine providers in Newbury. The services of our competitors are below average to say the least. Most of the limo hire companies engage in promotional campaigns that they have the latest and most comfortable line of limousines. But the services are nowhere close to their claims. There was a burning need for an efficient and quality limousine hire provider in Newbury and we endeavoured to fill this void.

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Our passion and commitment to deliver nothing but the best made us an instant favorite among the limo ride lovers in Newbury. We have been providing the latest line of vehicles, experienced chauffeurs and helpful customer services to all our clients. We have built up a rapport with most clients, who keep coming back to us whenever there is any need. Our limousines are supremely luxurious and comfortable, satisfying the clients. When you Contact us, you will be greeted by our qualified and trained customer service professionals who will leave you pleased. Whatever is the event, Avanti Limousines will make sure there are no transportation problems to cause tensions.

We have an advanced reservation system where you can choose from a rich fleet of limousines. There are options to ask for some special services. If there are any questions or confusions let our customer service personnel solve it for you.

Limousine and Executive Car Hire in Newbury for all occasions.

Weddings – School Proms – Funerals – Airport Transfers – Business


Limo Hire Newbury